facility services


  • 4Shield expertise in providing trained personnel's with digital arm to enhance their day to day activity.
  • 4Shield believes in providing tailored solution combining electronic gadgetry for ease in adapting and monitoring the same for perfection.
  • Technology innovation differentiate us from our competitors.
  • 4Shield propose is to respond 24 * 7 a competent and uniformed personnel to accomplish the requirements.
  • 4Shield ensures every client, big or small, receives personal care, whether you’re a commercial business seeking project or a residential society.
  • 4Shield provides the essential vigilance to maintain a peaceful lifestyle for you, your employees , your family and your premises.
  • 4Shield expertise training for small / multinational sectors, open / private firms, corporate, industries, hospitals, retails and banks.


  • House Keeping is of utmost importance in today’s world.
  • We offer complete package of well trained housekeeping services that is backed by latest technology.
  • We provide expert corporate pantry services which are characterized by hygiene, variety, elegance and swiftness.
  • Our service professionals are trained at preparing a variety of scope hygienically, while preserving the nature and value for the same.
  • We specialize at both serving and delivering the cleanliness, which is a key feature of our services.


  • Valet parking attendants main role is of driving the clients' cars to the designated parking area.
  • Further job responsibilities include answering to customer inquiries, retrieving the vehicle when requested, helping with luggage, and memorizing the precise location of each car.
  • Valet parking attendants are qualified with excellent customer service, driving skills, attention to details and good memory.
  • Greeting visitors and welcoming in a friendly manner to ensure their comfort.
  • Open passenger doors and offer assistance when needed.
  • Parked and retrieve customers vehicle in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Provide accurate and timely documentation of vehicle checks, vehicle damage, and other conditions prior to pick up


  • Lift operators are responsible for safe and efficient operation of lifts.
  • They spend their days helping customers, load and unload from lifts.
  • Provide excellent customer service and create positive memories for the guests.
  • Operate the assigned lift safely and efficiently.
  • Provide physical assistance to guests as required.
  • Maintain all operational aspects of the assigned lift – ramps, mazes and signs.
  • Mature, energetic, dependable and self-motivated.
  • Able to reason and react with quick, thoughtful judgment, while remaining calm under pressure.
  • Capable of performing physical/manual duties.


Receptionist is a key system for every one entering our premises.

The Scope which makes it different are as follow :

  • Simple and relevant data capture
  • Maintaining Appointments.
  • Print Badges.
  • Blacklist visitor or visitors company.
  • Associate web-module for appointments, reports, user management.
  • Custom data entry forms (fields and labels).
  • Informative control centres – current visitors, visit history, online users.
  • Data Import: users, departments, contract workers.
  • Archive or purge historic data.